The examination and possible treatment of immunological factors started to gain attention as early as the late 1980s and early 1990s, when it was still focused primarily on women with repeated miscarriages.

The understanding of risk factors and treatment options has continued to develop since then, and has – quite naturally – resulted in more and more couples seeking advice. In particular, this issue has been increasingly important for couples who have undergone futile fertility treatments.
Miscarriages, still births, or a fertility treatment (artificial insemination)
that does not result in the desired pregnancy and birth of a child are all extremely stressful events for couples. We would like to offer you and your partner the help you need to find the causes for previous failures, and provide relevant treatment options.

To this end, we operate a specialist laboratory for relevant in-house tests alongside the traditional clinic department for direct patient contact. We will furthermore collaborate closely with other facilities (e.g. human genetics laboratory) to find comprehensive answers for your problems. As a result of our diagnostics, we are often able to recommend additional supporting measures to finally bring the pregnancy you desire to a successful term.

Get to know our team and our clinic as well as our colleagues working in the laboratory. In some cases, you may never meet particular members of the team in person, as much of what we do can be discussed over the phone where distances prohibit being present at every step of the way. Particularly in these instances, it may be helpful and build trust to be able to put a face to a name, to know who you are talking to, and who is taking care of finding a solution to your particular problem.