CV – Dr. med. Sylke Reichel-Fentz

Dr. med. Sylke Reichel-Fentz

“I want to provide support during the emotionally very stressful time of infertility, delving deep into your specific medical history and carrying out routine diagnostics in order to offer help and hope on your path towards fulfilling your desire to have children.”


Residency at the Blood Donation and Transfusion Institute of Leipzig University.


Resident physician at the Municipal Hospital Karlsruhe until 1995


Senior physician at the Institute for Transfusion Medicine and Blood Bank – Municipal Hospital Karlsruhe




Resident physician for internal medicine at the Medical Clinic IV of Tübingen University


Department Head Blood Group Serology & Molecular Biology, Transplantation
Immunology Laboratory Physicians Leinfelden.


Department Head Molecular Biology, Flow Cytometry & Transplantation
Immunology Synlab Medical Care Centre Heidelberg

since 2014

Independent Laboratory and Clinic in Edenkoben
I studied medicine at Leipzig University. After graduation, I worked at various institutes and hospitals, where I completed my residency in transfusion medicine. During my time at the hospitals, I provided immunology treatments for women suffering from recurrent miscarriages.

Following an additional residency in laboratory medicine, I opened my own clinic in 1992, dealing primarily with the problems faced by women suffering from repeated miscarriages and having undergone unsuccessful fertility treatments, with special focus on immunological and haemostasiological aspects.

I have been offering diagnostic services, advice and treatment to couples during the emotionally stressful phase of infertility for nearly twenty years now.