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Fertility is an important topic for many people

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Diagnostics & Treatment Process

In-depth laboratory diagnostics aim at detecting and treating accompanying factors of infertility.

Process Details

A Presentation on Infertility

Reproductive immunology issues are increasingly important for IVF centres and specialists of other areas.

Information on Infertility

The Clinic

The early days in 1991 were characterised by limited diagnostics and very few treatment options – things have markedly changed since then.

About Clinic Dr. Sylke Reichel-Fentz

Professional Associations & Partners

Memberships in Expert Associations

  • American Society for Reproductive Immunology
  • Austrian Association for Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology
  • German Association for Reproductive Medicine
  • German Association for Transfusion Medicine and Immunohaematology


We work closely with various clinics (mainly fertility clinics):

KITZ Regensburg
Prof. Dr. Bernd Seifert/Dr. Gaßner
Hemauer Strasse 173047 Regensburg, Germany

Dr. med. Jan van Uem
Michael-Vogel-Strasse 1e
91052 Erlangen, Germany

Group Clinic
Drs. med. Parta-Kehry, Tesarz, Seehaus, Thöne

Römerstrasse 3
69115 Heidelberg, Germany

Group Clinic
Prof. Dr. E. Siebzehnrübl, Dr. Anja Weidner

Hanauer Landstrasse 328 – 330
60314 Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Medical Care Centre
Humane Genetik München
Dr. Dr. med. C. Nevinny-Stickel-Hinzpeter

Lindwurmstrasse 23
80337 Munich, Germany

Kinderwunsch Bodensee
Dr. med. A. Heine

Maggistrasse 5 Hegau Tower
78224 Singen, Germany

Team Kinderwunsch Oldenburg
Drs. G. Pohlig & S. Jibril

Leo-Trepp-Strasse 5
26121 Oldenburg, Germany