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Fertility is an important topic for many people

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Diagnostics & Treatment Process

In-depth laboratory diagnostics aim at detecting and treating accompanying factors of infertility.

Process Details

A Presentation on Infertility

Reproductive immunology issues are increasingly important for IVF centres and specialists of other areas.

Information on Infertility

The Clinic

The early days in 1991 were characterised by limited diagnostics and very few treatment options – things have markedly changed since then.

About Clinic Dr. Sylke Reichel-Fentz

Patient History Checklist

What kinds of information will be needed:

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    • Please fill out the Patient History Form completely.
      That will save asking a lot of questions later!
    • Infertility patient history – IVF/ICSI attempts, embryo transfers
    • Endometrium, embryo morphology
    • Medication (in addition to usual hormone treatments)
    • Number and progress of pregnancies, outcome
    • Treatments during pregnancy
    • Relevant pre-existing conditions of both partners
      (surgeries, chronic illnesses, etc.)
    • Medication that must be taken on a regular basis
    • Relevant history of conditions in the family (only blood relatives)
    • Fertility history within the family
  3. Letters of transferral (Sample 6 and 10 (laboratory)) for woman and man
    • if both are covered by statutory health insurance
    • Together with the sample package, privately insured patients or international patients will receive a private cost acceptance form that must be signed and returned alongside the blood samples.
  4. Results of preliminary examinations carried out to clarify whether infertility exists