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Fertility is an important topic for many people

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Diagnostics & Treatment Process

In-depth laboratory diagnostics aim at detecting and treating accompanying factors of infertility.

Process Details

A Presentation on Infertility

Reproductive immunology issues are increasingly important for IVF centres and specialists of other areas.

Information on Infertility

The Clinic

The early days in 1991 were characterised by limited diagnostics and very few treatment options – things have markedly changed since then.

About Clinic Dr. Sylke Reichel-Fentz

Clinic Team

Dr Med Sylke Reichel Fentz

My assistants will receive your queries over the phone, in person, or via email. They will take care of organisational issues, like appointments, prescriptions, and will be able to give simple answers on diagnostic findings.

The laboratory team, consisting of Andrea Procinger, Conny Herbert, and Claudia Butteweg, will process your blood samples and carry out nearly all examinations required for diagnostics. Claudia Butteweg will furthermore prepare lymphocytes of men whose partners are receiving active immune therapy with partner lymphocytes.

Andrea Procinger

Conny Herbert

Claudia Butteweg

Janina Regutzki

Alexandra Fentz

Herbert Fentz is in charge of clinic management and takes care of all administrative issues regarding our equipment.

Herbert Fentz