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Fertility is an important topic for many people

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Diagnostics & Treatment Process

In-depth laboratory diagnostics aim at detecting and treating accompanying factors of infertility.

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A Presentation on Infertility

Reproductive immunology issues are increasingly important for IVF centres and specialists of other areas.

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The Clinic

The early days in 1991 were characterised by limited diagnostics and very few treatment options - things have markedly changed since then.

About Clinic Dr. Sylke Reichel-Fentz

Dr. med. Sylke Reichel-Fentz

“I want to provide support during the emotionally very stressful time of infertility, delving deep into your specific medical history and carrying out routine diagnostics in order to offer help and hope on your path towards fulfilling your desire to have children.”

Our online presence serves as an introduction of our services for patients as well as fellow physicians and other healthcare professionals, and as a source of information for questions regarding reproduction immunology issues.

We will be happy to delve into your specific problems, offer advice and guidance during your fertility treatment, and will be there for you throughout your pregnancy. In addition to routine laboratory diagnostics, we also offer a number of specialist examinations, including sperm DNA fragmentation, examinations of the activity of immunologically important cell populations, and KIR and epitope typing.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, email, or post. We will try our best to answer your questions as soon as possible, and provide the help you need.